Safety Practices


Please make a RESERVATION for Indoor seating by using this Website Go to our Contact Page In the message box let us know what day and time you are requesting and the number of guests in your party. Limit 6 guests per reservation. We will email you back with a confirmation. Indoor Seating—RESERVATIONS ONLY Wednesday through Saturday: 8:30 am to 1 pm **PLEASE NOTE: Due to social distancing, only 4 tables are available for INDOOR SEATING You will have a limit of 75 minutes per table to insure proper sanitization of tables/chairs between customers.


Please arrive on time for your reservation wearing a FACEMASK. Wait at the front door as an employee will greet you with Hand Sanitizer. We have all missed you so very much in our dining room, but please no hugs, kisses or handshakes. A Facemask is required while ordering and until you are seated at your table. When exiting the table, please put your Facemask back on.

Hygiene Protocols

All employees will be wearing Facemasks when greeting customers at the front door, taking orders & interacting with customers at their tables. All employees will be constantly washing their hands and sanitizing their work areas. Tables will not be pre-set. Condiments and similar products will only be provided by request in single serving portions. No refills on beverages.